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Training and Empowering Rural Artisans

The Problem

Across India, more than 100 million people rely on the textile and handicrafts sector as their main source of income. However, for rural artisans who are mostly women, they often lack the access and skills necessary to operate on the wider market. So more than 50% of households that rely on the handlooms industry live under the poverty line. 

The Solution

RangSutra act as a bridge between rural artisans and global consumers to create sustainable livelihoods and revive India’s rich craft heritage. They work with artisan cooperatives from rural villages to source textiles that are then turned into finished garments and sold to wholesale buyers and retailers. RangSutra provides their artisans with skills training, design input, working capital and quality control. 

The Impact

RangSutra are working with over 2,500 artisans providing equal pay, fair wages, a safe working environment and skills training and overall they are impacting 20,000 lives. The women have seen their incomes increase by more than five times and with this added financial independence comes an improved social status.



“A charity dollar has one life -

a social business dollar can be invested over and over again”

Prof. Muhammad Yunus