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Transforming students into authors of their own books - encouraging a love of reading for children in Brazil.

The Problem

Half of the students in Brazil perform below baseline level of reading proficiency and 29% of the adult population is considered functional illiterate. We need to instill a love of reading into our children to give them the confidence to pursue educational challenges in later life.

The Solution

Estante Mágica works with public and private schools to allow students the opportunity to write their own books improving their written and grammar skills as well as their creativity and self esteem. At the end of the project, all students receive a free e-book and can choose to buy hard copies of the book that are delivered in an autograph session.

The Impact

Estante Mágica have already reached 4,500 schools in all the 27 Brazilian states, transforming over 400,000 students into authors. They also expanded to pilot schools in Argentina, Mexico, Colombia and Uganda. 

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“A charity dollar has one life -

a social business dollar can be invested over and over again”

Prof. Muhammad Yunus