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Energy & environment

Cleaner, cheaper energy for homes in Uganda

The problem

Firewood and charcoal are the main sources of cooking fuel for the poor in Kampala, Uganda. These fuels are expensive, their fumes and soot are toxic, and producing charcoal leads to widespread deforestation. Poor families use a significant part of their daily income on fuel.

The Solution 

Green Bio Energy produces and distributes environmentally friendly briquettes, made from recycled bio material, to low income families in Uganda. Compared to traditional charcoal briquettes, Green Bio Energy’s solution reduces indoor air pollution and CO2 emission while tackling deforestation for charcoal production.

The Impact  

Green Bio Energy’s product is being distributed through a network of micro-entrepreneurs and distribution partners. The social business is already reaching more than 560,000 customers across Uganda.


“A charity dollar has one life -

a social business dollar can be invested over and over again”

Prof. Muhammad Yunus