Poverty and the climate crisis create diverse challenges and opportunities for social businesses.

Our portfolio focuses on sectors that tackle these challenges head-on.

Agriculture & Livelihoods

  • Increasing the incomes of smallholder farmers by giving them a collective voice.
  • Providing acces to goods and services in rural areas.
  • Empowering low-income people to own assets that improve their livelihoods.
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Energy & Environment

  • Connecting rural populations with renewable energy.
  • Carrying out community-based aforestation and reforestation projects.
  • Creating employment opportunities in the circular economy.
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Health & Sanitation

  • Ensuring low-income populations have access to clean drinking water.
  • Bringing healthcare access to remote populations.
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Education & Training

  • Enabling young adults with vocational training.
  • Unlocking the talents of children by providing education opportunities.
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