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We find that social businesses and social intrapreneurs make for pretty inspiring reading. How about you?

In the last year, we co-initiated the COVID Alliance for Social Entrepreneurs with the World Economic Forum, launched a crowd-funding platform in Brazil and created the world’s first social-business Coursera course. Keep up with the latest here.

Meet the Entrepreneur helping 18,000 moto taxi drivers to achieve their dreams. Michael from Tugende

Tugende is a Social Business that helps mototaxi drivers double their incomes by owning their motorcycles. They have helped over 18,000 motorcycle taxi drivers with higher incomes, including the drivers’ families, that’s over 85,000 people.

How Social Intrapreneurship Can Shake Off The Corporate Dust

So, here we are. The time for change and personal re-shaping through resolutions is upon us already. But this doesn’t just mean an opportunity for personal improvement, it also means a time for professional self-development too.

The 3 Basics Every Mentorship Program Must Have. (Guest piece by RITU SONI SRIVASTAVA)

In this guest post, Ritu Soni Srivastava ( talks about her involvement as mentor of the MAN Impact Accelerator (our corporate innovation accelerator program) and the 3 things she would encourage every mentorship program to adopt.

Why you should join impact investing? My first 100 days at Yunus Social Business.

Already in the crucial latter half of my 20s, I was seeking opportunities where I could accelerate the growth of my personal and professional capital more than my financial capital.

What Have We Learned - Financing Social Businesses in Uganda. Our Latest Report.

Financing and supporting early-stage businesses in Uganda is not an easy task. In this report with USAID we look at what we have learned from our portfolio over the last few years and how this helps to inform our investment criteria going forward.

MAN Impact Accelerator #2... Opening Week Highlights

The first week of this year's MAN Impact Accelerator launched at full throttle and our expectations were met and over-exceeded.

Impact Water have reached 1,000,000 children in Uganda

Impact Water have reached 1,000,000 children in Uganda with clean drinking water. And the best bit? They aren’t a charity but a pioneering social business.

Meet the Eight Startups selected by the MAN Impact Accelerator for its second cohort!

In August we began scouting for the second round of the MAN Impact accelerator, searching for impact-driven and purpose-led startups in mobility and logistics.

Friends of YSB New York

The week of the United Nations General Assembly (‘UNGA Week’) in New York is always a busy, exhausting, but rewarding time as delegates, advocates, and luminaries from every corner of the world converge in Manhattan to discuss the most pressing international priorities.

Exploring Virtual Reality - Social Business Right in Front of Your Eyes.

With the recent accessibility of 360 cameras, many businesses and nonprofits are exploring the possibilities of virtual reality to communicate their message and we wanted to give it a go for ourselves!

Why you should join an accelerator program - through the eyes of a startup

As an entrepreneur, when your company gets to a certain stage the question of whether join an accelerator often arises.

Our Investment Readiness Programme in Kampala

The invitation-only workshop was designed for businesses that YSB believes could be ready for investment in the near-term - with the right in-depth feedback on the overall business fundamentals.

Social Business Day 2018 Roundup. Bengaluru, India

Our Project Intern Philine played a crucial role in putting together Social Business Day 2018, hear from her how it all came together.

A Warm Welcome to Berlin: The Office Launch Party

After previously working from co-working spaces, we have made ourselves comfortable in the German capital and now have our very own office. To mark the occasion, we thought it only right to have a party to celebrate.

Our Training Week 2018: Hyderabad & Bengaluru

Every year we hold a training week in a different location, we get the team together to discuss ideas and share learnings.

Strengthening Social Businesses Through Venture Philanthropy: A Report with BCG

We often conduct research with our partner organisations at YSB and are happy to announce this report today in collaboration with the Boston Consulting Group.

We have launched an innovative new financing solution: The Social Success Note!

Today, the world’s first Social Success Note or "SSN" is launched at the Skoll World Forum by Yunus Social Business, The Rockefeller Foundation, UBS Optimus Foundation and Impact Water.

What Do Milk Farming and Ambulances Have in Common? Meet the Start-ups

We live in a world where giants like Uber and Amazon are disrupting logistics and pushing the boundaries between reality and science fiction.

East Africa Partner Trip

At the start of March we took a group of our international partners to Uganda and Kenya to visit some of our social businesses alongside Professor Yunus.

Yunus Social Business Launches YSB Kenya

Professor Yunus visited Kenya to officially launch Yunus Social Business Kenya, a new fund dedicated to harnessing the power of social business to end poverty.

Dutch Postcode Lottery Commits to Social Business in Colombia

On February 15th the annual Dutch National Postcode Lottery #GoedGeldGala was held in Amsterdam.

Delivering the Future: Our Impact Accelerator in partnership with MAN

YSB has joined forces with MAN Truck & Bus, a Munich-based manufacturer, to launch the ‘MAN Impact Accelerator’ and provide support to where it is needed the most.

Our Week In Davos

The first exciting announcement for us this year at Davos was the release of UBS’s World Economic Forum white paper “5 ways wealth managers can support the UN Sustainable Development Goals: our lessons from 2017” documenting innovative solutions to solving inequality.

Social Business Spotlight: Impact Water

Over 9 million Ugandans lack access to safe drinking water, that equates to the entire population of London. Without access to clean water, it is estimated that 440 children still die every week due to waterborne diseases.

YSB contributes to EVPA Report on Financing for Social Impact

How can venture philanthropy organisations, social investors and impact investors, improve the way they allocate resources to their investees?

Prof. Muhammad Yunus Releases New Book "A World Of Three Zeros"

Our Chairman and Co-Founder, Prof. Muhammad Yunus offers his vision of an emerging new economic system in his new book ‘A World of Three Zeros'.

Our 2016 Annual Impact Report is online!

Our social businesses almost doubled their client base last year.

Research: Designing a Social Business that Benefits the Core

A growing number of companies around the world have launched social-business subsidiaries as part of an agenda to bring about positive change.

Social Business Spotlight: Jali Organic - Pineapples for a better future

Meet our social entrepreneur Moses from Uganda, who shows how growing pineapples can improve the future of an entire community.

Survey on Scaling Social Businesses In Emerging Economies

Around the world social entrepreneurs are creating innovative businesses that reduce poverty and improve the lives of their customers.

Build Social Businesses; End Global Poverty

While visiting our entrepreneurs in Uganda, Prof. Muhammad Yunus explains how social business can put an end to end global poverty.

Social Business Profile - Moradigna

More than 40 million Brazilians live in housing that suffers from residual damp, mold, and poor ventilation, all factors that contribute to serious public health problems.

Research: The Power of Social Business

This joint study with the Boston Consulting Group examines 10 Corporate Social Businesses from around the world.

Berliner Morgenpost Interview with Saskia and Sophie

Our founders Saskia and Sophie were recently interviewed by the Berliner Morgenpost about changing the world, our move to Berlin and the challenges of running a successful, international non-profit.

Help us create fair jobs in Albania

Our serial entrepreneur Gjergji is setting up a textile social business to create over 130 better paying jobs with exceptional working conditions for vulnerable women in Albania.

Interview with our CEO Saskia Bruysten in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Do you want to know more about our CEO and Co-founder, Saskia Bruysten? She was recently interviewed on Social Business and her personal success story by the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

India embraces Social Business

From launching the Festival of Innovations to introducing a Masters program on Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation, India, particularly the Tamil Nadu region, is keen to innovate and drive social entrepreneurship.

YSB presents the Social Success Note in partnership with The Rockefeller Foundation

Across the world, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) lack access to finance. They experience a missing middle estimated to range between $2.1 trillion and $2.5 trillion in developing countries alone.

Brazil launches the Yunus Corporate Action Tank

The first of its kind, Yunus Negocios Sociais Brasil has just launched its first accelerator program targeted at large corporations.

Private Sector Foundation sets up social fund in Uganda

The Chairman for Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU) Patrick Bitature has said that they are in the final stages of setting up a social trustee fund.

15 social business entrepreneurs graduate from YSB Uganda accelerator

Fifteen entrepreneurs have graduated from the first ever Yunus Social Business (YSB) accelerator programme.

Yunus addresses 1,300 youth leaders at One Young World Summit in Bangkok

In his speech Professor Yunus told the young people that they are the most powerful generation in the history of humankind.

Addressing global goals through social business ventures

“A charity dollar has only one life. A social business dollar can be invested over and over again,” Professor Muhammad Yunus.

2015 Global Social Business Summit

Celebrating 25 years of German reunification — Let's get together! Get 25% off all GSBS tickets purchased between 3rd and 10th October 2015.

Yunus Social Business - Global Initiatives committed to pilot the Social Success Note

Yunus Social Business and The Rockefeller Foundation commit to create the first demonstrable pilot of the SSN, with the aim of ultimately catalyzing the creation of a SSN ecosystem.

YSB partners with BCG to advance social business

Professor Muhammad Yunus and His Social Business Network Will Become BCG's Sixth Global Social Impact Partner

Global Social Entrepreneurship Network Report

Social entrepreneurship is increasingly seen as providing innovative and sustainable solutions to the world’s toughest problems.

YSB just launched its first Social Business Accelerator Program in Uganda!

Yunus Social Business (YSB) just launched its first Social Business Accelerator Program in Uganda!

Call for Accelerator Applications! Apply now for Haiti's accelerator program

Yunus Social Business is now accepting applications for participation in our local accelerator programs!

YSB, Virgin Unite & Clinton Foundation Launch Haiti Forest Initiative!

The multi-year project will provide affordable food, timber, and employment in Haiti, and will be organized as a Social Business – a company set-up for maximizing social benefit rather than private profit.

Interview with YSB's CEO Saskia Bruysten in Remarkable Magazine

Ever wanted to have a in-depth view of YSB and its work? Get it here: Read the latest interview with our CEO Saskia Bruysten in Remarkable Magazine.

Yunus Social Business participate in Social Business Day in Dhaka, Bangladesh and online

The team of Yunus Social Business (Germany, Haiti and Albania) participated in the Social Business Day in Dhaka on June 28th. This day was celebrated worldwide to highlight the importance of the concept of Social Business in sustainably solving social problems.

Singularity University and YSB Partner To Impact Global Development

Singularity University (SU) and Yunus Social Business – Global Initiatives (YSB) have announced a new partnership within the Singularity University Impact Partnership program.

Haiti Forest Initiative

The innovative Haiti Forest initiative is focused on creating a sustainable business ecosystem that gives communities an economic incentive.

Designing for Impact Training for Impact Enterprise Managers

Saskia Our CEO in 'The Wired Smart List 2013'

Our CEO Saskia Bruysten has been nominated by Prof. Muhammad Yunus onto 'The Wired Smart List 2013' as one of 50 of the world's brightest minds!

The Power of Social Business - A report co-authored by BCG and Yunus Social Business

Grand Opening: Ferme Avicole Entrepreneurs Sociaux de Nicolas

It is with great pleasure that we announce the grand opening of one of our social businesses - Ferme Avicole Entrepreneurs Sociaux de Nicolas!

Membership into EVPA

We are now a member of the European Venture Philanthropy Association.

Read our first blog in the Huffington Post!

'Social Business and The Pursuit of Happiness' talks about whilst making money for one's self can be happiness, helping others can bring super-happiness.

First National Conference on Social Business held in Albania

The conference gathered together about 170 people, across different groups of development actors, including entrepreneurs, public institutions, businesses, Ngo’s, professors and young people.

Prof. Yunus and YSB in New York

For the next two weeks, Yunus Social Business (YSB) will be in New York to be part of exciting events in New York

Loan for Social Business Rozafa has been financed on!

We have teamed up with to start an new initiative, to gather the initial investment for a Social Business through Crowdfunding!

MoU with USAID signed!

On July 22nd, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and Yunus Social Business (YSB) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to work together to promote entrepreneurship and the development.

National Conference on Social Business in Tunisia, 13.03.2013

On March 13, 2013, the National Conference on Social Business is taking place in the Institut des Hautes Etudes Commerciales (IHEC) in Carthage, Tunisia.

AfH releases video on supported YSB business

The Ciné-produced video on the Artists for Haiti grant to Yunus Social Business Funds Haiti is now up on the Artists for Haiti website.

Muhammad Yunus: Interview with the Economist

Prof. Yunus on why politics should not interfere with its operation, and how a new model of business divorced from profitmaking could address social issues.

Haiti: Open for Social Business!

Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe and Professor Muhammad Yunus Declare Haiti “Open for Social Business”

Exciting Volunteer Opportunity to launch HSBM in Africa

YSB is currently expanding into Tunisia, Togo and Uganda, where it plans to initiate a Holistic Social Business Movement Program.

Country initiative in Albania in April

In April, YSB together with the Albanian government officially launched the Social Business Movement of Albania.

Albania: First Joint Venture signed!

Yunus Social Business and Tirana Business Park are creating a vocational training centre to help give much-in-demand technical skills to unemployed young people.

BASF Grameen Ltd – Mosquito nets

Malaria is one of the major health problems in Bangladesh. According to the WHO World Malaria Report 2009, 11 million people in Bangladesh are at risk of malaria.

Grameen Danone Foods Ltd – Nutrition

While Bangladesh produces sufficient rice to nourish its people, diets often lack vital nutrients such as vitamins and minerals.

Grameen Veolia Water Ltd – fresh drinking water

Fresh water is abundant in Bangladesh, in the form of numerous groundwater resources that are shallow and easy to exploit. However, for essentially geological reasons, almost all of the groundwater is contaminated with arsenic, very often at levels that make it a health hazard.

Prof. Yunus visits Haiti Oct. 12-15

Only one year after his last visit, Nobel Peace Price laureate Muhammad Yunus sets out to visit Haiti for a second time during October 12-15.

Prof. Yunus: Financing of 4 Social Businesses in Haiti!

Nobel peace laureate Muhammad Yunus announced Saturday that his pro-business development group is financing several endeavors through a mix of loans and equity.

Saskia Bruysten at Hong Kong Social Entrepreneuship Summit (SES) 2012

From November 27 – 30, our co-founder & CEO Saskia Bruysten was the key note speaker at the Hong Kong Social Entreprise Summit 2012 attended by over 750 high-level participants from the worlds of business, NGO and government.

Saskia nominated as Young Leader of the German-American network Atlantik Brücke

Saskia Bruysten, CEO and Co-founder of Yunus Social Business, was named Young Leader of the Atlantik Brücke.

Saskia speaker at launch event of the Global Impact Insitute in London in July

Saskia Bruysten, CEO and Co-founder of Yunus Social Business, spoke at the inaugural event of the Global Impact Insitute on July 26th, 2012 at the House of Commons, London.

Signing of MoU - YSB Haiti, Hope for Haiti and Dalio Foundation

Yunus Social Business Haiti S.A. (“YSB Haiti”), Hope for Haiti (HFH) and Dalio Foundation, Inc. have signed a MOU to form a strategic partnership toward helping to establish in Haiti social business

YSB & AfDB launch HSBM in Africa during National Conference

Prof. Muhammad Yunus delivered a message of hope to Tunisians at a national conference on social business in Tunisia on March 13.

YSB-Albania participated in three regional seminars

Yunus Social Business Albania attended three one-day regional seminars (held on 13th, 16th and 17th of July 2012 in Vlora, Tirana and Elbasan)

Launching the Unusual Pioneers, a platform to propel social intrapreneurs to success.

Unusual Pioneers is a platform for corporate leaders and social intrapreneurs turning business into a force for good. Established by Yunus Social Business, The World Economic Forum’s sister organisation, Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship, and Porticus.

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