Supporting Intrapreneurs to drive Change in their Companies

YSB, in partnership with Porticus Foundation, is conducting research on the effects of social business on corporate partners. This project is part of YSB's mission to engage more companies in sustainable business practices and social business in order to contribute to the SDGs and change corporate mindsets towards a more holistic approach to serve customers, shareholders, society and the planet.

YSB helps corporate intrapreneurs to jump-start their social business initiatives, to scale projects that work and to nurture best practice examples so that they can inspire other corporate leaders towards action.

The main focus of this project are social intrapreneurs within corporates who are trying to change the way the company they work for is doing business by either implementing social businesses in their corporate context or by partnering with social entrepreneurs.

Doing so, they face a range of challenges including: 1) a lack of research about corporate engagements in social business, 2) insufficient support systems and networks that help intrapreneurs navigate challenges of implementing corporate social business initiatives and collaborate with social entrepreneurs or other companies and 3), a lack of specific knowledge on corporate social businesses and best practices.

Quantitative Research, Case Studies and a Global Fellowship Program

With the help of the Porticus Foundation, YSB and its partners are working along three main axes in this project:


Quantitative studies that link engagements in social business to key business benefits such as recruiting, employer engagement, brand recognition or ability to innovate. Through this research, YSB will be able to build a business case for social business and creating a scientific narrative for engaging companies in sustainable business.

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YSB and partners will conduct customer discovery in the form of qualitative interviews with intrapreneurs and practitioners who have set up corporate social business initiatives before. These case studies will outline the journey of social intrapreneurs from ideation to implementation and scale, their challenges along the way and missing support systems that can support or accelerate such initiatives.

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Based on the case studies developed and qualitative insights, YSB will devise a curriculum, mentor network and partnerships to create a global fellowship program for social intrapreneurs. Such a program will offer social intrapreneurs the much-needed support system that they need to engage in the long-term, entrepreneurial journey of implementing a social business initiative with their company.

How Yunus Social Business adds Value

Our Services during this Project

Best Practice

Through the corporate action tanks in Brazil, India and France, YSB has gained significant expertise in supporting social intrapreneurs. We leverage this knowledge and network to build the foundation for the research


We partner with research institutions, network organizations and companies to create meaningful insights that can be applied in practice.


We design and deliver the research under this proposal. This includes experiment design, data gathering and evaluation. We condense the lessons learned into concrete recommendations for intrapreneurs and partners.

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