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Financing and support for social entrepreneurs

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Yunus Social Business provides financing and long term business support to help social businesses grow and scale their social impact.

If you have an early stage social business and are just starting out, our investment readiness programs will help you and your team refine your business model, measure your social impact and prepare your business for growth.

If you have an established business with a strong social mission our direct investment track will help you and your team explore long term growth opportunities and prepare your business for investment.


What are we looking for?

  • Social impact

    A big idea translated into a tangible solution that has the potential to improve millions of lives.

  • You and your team

    Experienced entrepreneurs with drive and natural leadership skills and a team with the talent and drive to propel your social business forwards.

  • Business model

    A solid business model with a proven model of profitability, a market opportunity that is underserved and a product or service that benefits the poorest communities or improves incomes.

  • Potential

    An easily scaleable business with clear application across regions and countries that’s highly innovative or unique.

Your partnership with YSB is much more than an investment, it’s a collaboration. We are looking for social businesses that have the same vision of the future as us. Therefore it’s important that we get the right fit.
— Karen Hitschke - Chief Investment Officer

Important things to know about our Investments

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What we offer our social businesses?

Our investment is so much more than than just a financial one. We welcome you into the Yunus family.

  • Become part of the Yunus Network

    Our portfolio companies become part of the Yunus family meaning exposure for you and your social business

  • Tailored techincal assistance and support

    It’s our priority to help you achieve your social mission


    We see our investment as a lasting partnership and will help to connect you to funding and markets internationally

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How to apply for financing?

Businesses that already have customers, early revenues and are generating social impact can apply for financing.

Working intensively in partnership with an investment manager, we will help you explore the opportunity to use our investment to expand your operations and your social impact.

We look for existing businesses in the countries and sectors we operate with compelling social business ideas. We can help you develop, test and measure social impact and prepare your business for investment.

The Investment Process

Looking for a financial partner to help your social business flourish? Lets talk!