Plastic Sector Spotlight: Call for Social Businesses!

Increase visibility, gain access to insights, and create opportunities for collaboration

July 4, 2023
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Yunus Social Business and the Unusual Partners team invite social businesses tackling plastic waste to participate in a 10-minute questionnaire aimed at shining a light on the current state of the sector. This survey aims to gain valuable insights into the landscape, challenges, and opportunities within the sector, and explore avenues for increased collaboration between social businesses and corporate entities.


The primary objective of this survey is to provide an overview of the plastic waste sector's potential in terms of corporations actively sourcing from social businesses. By understanding the needs, capabilities, and barriers faced by social businesses, we aim to facilitate corporate support to help these social businesses scale with a focus on social procurement. 

Who should participate:

We welcome insights from all social businesses tackling plastic waste who demonstrate the following:

  • Have a measurable social and/or environmental impact that is built within the business model (ex. Plastic sorting, plastic alternatives, fair employment for marginalised groups) 
  • Are currently offering products or services to corporations, or are interested in doing so.

Benefits of Participation:

1. Increased visibility and recognition for your social business.

If you are interested in having your social business featured in a case study, please send an email to with the headline CASE STUDY APPLICATION. We are seeking 5 social businesses to feature!  

2. Access to aggregated survey findings and industry benchmarks.

Inform your business strategy and gain insights from peers in this rapidly evolving industry.

3. Potential engagement opportunities with corporations looking to work with social enterprises.

By joining our database, you can be part of the selection process for corporations looking to work with social businesses, either for purchasing or acceleration opportunities.

Application Process:

To participate in the report, please complete the questionnaire which can be found here.

The application form will require you to provide information about your social business, its mission, operations, and key challenges and should only take about 10 minutes. The deadline for applications is July 31!

Expected outcomes:

  1. Published report on Social Businesses Tackling Plastic Waste
  2. Online event in October 2023 bringing together corporations, investors, and social businesses who are tackling plastic waste

Any questions?

For support or further information, please reach out to our team at

The report on Social Businesses Tackling Plastic Waste adds to a growing body of work by Yunus Social Business and the Unusual Partners team on the topic of Social Procurement. Below you can find 2 helpful resources:

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