Social Business Portfolio

YSB Haiti has a portfolio of 7 social businesses in Haiti, which have received almost $1 million in financing from YSB, and a further $300,000 has been mobilized from YSB’s co-financers. These social businesses include:

  • Bakery Mariaman, which provides employment opportunities while its proceeds financially support a local school
  • Leogane, which raises chickens locally in a country that relies heavily on chicken imports, while its proceeds financially support a local school
  • La Gonave, which raises local chickens locally while its proceeds financially support a local school
  • La Pain O Quotidien, which produces fortified bread while distributing its products through a network of female micro-entrepreneurs
  • Etre Ayisyen Entrepreneurial Insitute, which focuses on teaching entrepreneurial skills to Haitian youth in order to create jobs in the Haitian formal sector
  • Sesa, which supports the cultivation of edible jatropha trees to process fruits into biofuel and reduce Haiti’s energy and animal feed import dependence
  • Poulailler de Nicolas (FATEM), which rears local chickens and creates local employment, while its proceeds financially support a local school

YSB Haiti’s major partners include DEG, SAP, PADF and Deutsche Bank.

Social Business Pipeline

YSB Haiti’s Port-au-Prince office continues to receive business plans from all over Haiti; YSB Haiti has however developed a regional hub strategy which supports two local antennas launched in the region in the North (Cap Haitian) and one in the South (Cavaillon). These serve to develop local entrepreneurs in more remote areas and spread the social business concept in the country.

Launch of Haiti Forest Initiative

The Haiti Forest Initiative is a social business ecosystem that is supported by Sir Richard Branson, the Virgin Foundation and the Clinton Foundation. It has a two-fold purpose: to increase tree cover and re-generate the environmental benefits of trees, and to improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers, who are key to breaking the deforestation cycle, thereby igniting a re-forestation dynamic.

Haiti Team