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Quality care for the elderly in Albania

The Problem

Seniors in Albania represent 9% (270K) of the total population expecting to rise to 15% in 2020. The situation is expected to get worse. Even today seniors in Albania often lack of access to sufficient quality elderly care.

The Solution

Seniors Home is an elderly home-care social business that offers high quality daycare and residential services to improve quality of life for the elderly in Albania. Being the first social business with high international standards of service, it has received attention from major Albanian media. The social business also offers employment and training for young nursing professionals.

The Impact

Seniors Home provides accommodation, food, daily activities, physical therapy and medical assistance for elderly in Albania. Seniors Home already has 28 clients and a full list of interested clients for the months to come.

Seniors Home Albania
Seniors Home Albania


“A charity dollar has one life -

a social business dollar can be invested over and over again”

Prof. Muhammad Yunus