IKEA Social Entrepreneurship Joins The Take A Stake Consortium

IKEA Social Entrepreneurship Joins The Take A Stake Consortium

June 2, 2022

They say that it's better to work towards building a cathedral in 10 years than to build a church in one year... Today is a very exciting day for us at Yunus Social Business, and not just because we're marking the end of 10 years. We're also marking the beginning of the next 10! And we're thrilled to share one piece of news in particular...

Today we are delighted to share some exciting news about one of our next-decade initiatives. Our Take a Stake consortium initiative, aiming to support 100 social businesses in the waste and WASH sectors in East Africa, India and beyond, has been joined by IKEA Social Entrepreneurship!

The Take a Stake consortium is an initiative powered by Yunus Social Business and the WASTE NL Foundation that brings together the expertise of various impact funders to tackle the waste and WASH sectors in India and East Africa in a holistic way. The long-term objective is to attract additional funders to invest EUR 50 million in 100 social enterprises over a 10-year period.

Waste Foundation brings a deep sector expertise in WASH and waste. Sida comes with its own considerable experience in waste. Now, we are super excited that IKEA Social Enterprise will join the consortium, bringing its expertise in waste in India.

With IKEA SE, we are particularly excited for the opportunity this could present for IKEA to strengthen its own corporate purpose journey through its exposure to and work with social businesses. A classic example of a global corporation accessing social innovation through social business.

Do you - or does your organisation - also have a 10-year cathedral project? What does your one look like?

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