Managing Director - Plastics Recycling Business, Vishuddh Recycling.

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General Conditions

●        Expected start date: July 1st, 2019

●        Localization: Bangalore, Karnataka; India

●        Ability to travel 20% of the time

●        Contract length and type: Permanent contract subject to a 6-month probation period

●        Salary: Fixed salary based on profile and experience plus bonus depending on the achievement of the enterprise’s social, environmental and commercial objectives

The Context

Cofresco is joining hands with Yunus Social Business to set up a new social business venture in the field of plastics recycling. The aim of this partnership is to initiate a transformational process of circular economy in plastic production.

Cofresco is Europe's leading manufacturer of brand products in this area and with our diverse brands we are at home in all European countries. Products for the best possible storage and preparation of food, responsible waste disposal and safe storage in the house and garden are our areas of expertise - always tailored to our customer’s needs.

At home in North Rhine-Westfalia (Germany), represented throughout the whole of Europe: approx.. 1.000 employees work for our company throughout Europe. The headquarters of Cofresco Frischhalteprodukte GmbH & Co. KG is in Minden

Our company has been in existence for nearly 80 years: The production of household foils and papers began in 1937 under the Melitta brand. In 1996 Cofresco Frischhalteprodukte GmbH & Co. KG was founded as a joint venture and in 2014 it became a 100% subsidiary of the Melitta Group in Minden (Germany), a family-owned company with over 100 years of company history.

Throughout Europe Cofresco stands for quality - and for the brands Toppits®, Albal®, Handy Bag®, and PrimaPack®. More than 70 million households in Europe benefit from their advantages and appreciate the value they offer.

Yunus Social Business is a non-profit organization co-founded by Peace Nobel Prize Laureate Muhammad Yunus to provide Corporations and High-Potential Entrepreneurs with the knowledge, networks, and capital necessary to grow their social businesses.

Social Businesses are non-loss, non-dividend companies created to solve social or environmental problems. Like a non-governmental organization, it has a social mission, but like a business, it generates its own revenues to cover its costs. While investors may recoup their investment, all further profits are reinvested into the same or other social businesses.

In this context, we are looking for a new Managing Director to lead the launch, implementation and development of this new Social Business initiative in India that will be an integral part of Cofresco and Melitta Group. The social business, Vishuddh Recycling, will be set in the form of a Plastic Waste Recycling Plant in Bangalore region. The plant will utilize ethically sourced low value plastic waste from social entrepreneurs in Bangalore, and recycle it to plastic pellets which will be used back in the form of plastic products creating a closed loop. Our vision is to increase the use of plastic waste, hence supporting circular economy.

Your Duties, Roles and Responsibilities

As a Managing Director, you will be the “Change Agent-in-Chief” to start Vishuddh Recycling initiative in cooperation with the Social Business project manager within Cofresco that creates social and environmental good, while moving the institution’s mission forward and creating commercial value for the company:

You will provide management oversight and responsibility to ensure the effective and efficient functioning of Vishuddh Recycling, in India:

You will ensure that Vishuddh Recycling  meets the expected social, environmental and economic goals, and is fully compliant with Indian and international laws and regulations;

You will provide strong and clear leadership internally to the Vishuddh Recycling  and its people and its stakeholders as well as to external stakeholders:

You will manage the day to day operations and resources of the Vishuddh Recycling;

You will regularly report to the COO of Cofresco;

You will act as the primary spokesperson for the circular economy for Plastics in India.

Your essential roles, duties and responsibilities will include:

Strategic Planning (10%)

●        Support the COO of Cofresco on setting the strategic goals of Vishuddh Recycling and making sure they are measurable and describable

●        Translate the Vishuddh Recycling’s strategy into concrete action plans enabling it to achieve the social, environmental and economic objectives

●        Develop the annual operational plan and capital budgets for approval by the Cofresco Board and ensure their monitoring

●        Implement policies to prevent the social business from drifting away from its core social and environmental missions

Operation Management (40%)

●        Assure and oversee the Vishuddh Recycling 's compliance with all the legal, regulatory and fiscal requirements

●        Maintain awareness of political, governmental, business and industry components of the external environment, on a local, national and international level

●        Analyze internal operations and identify areas of process enhancement

●        Build keep and sustain trusted relationships with key customers, clients, partners, and stakeholders

●        Be responsible for managing and directing production activities within the industrial facility

●        Ensure that industrial machinery and equipment runs smoothly and reliably

●        Oversee and manage the Social Business's overall supply chain and logistics strategy and operations in order to maximize the process efficiency and productivity

●        Proactively address challenges in the internal and external environment to protect the Social Business interests

Human Resource Management (10%):

●        Identify, evaluate and hire quality candidates for various positions at Vishuddh Recycling

●        Ensure effective recruiting, on-boarding, professional development, performance management, and retention

●        Create an environment that promotes great performance, positive morale and high motivation

●        Oversee employee productivity and build a highly inclusive culture ensuring team members thrive and organizational outcomes are met

Financial Management (10%):

●        Assess and evaluate financial performance of Vishuddh Recycling with regard to operational goals, budgets and forecasts.

●        Monitor the financial strengths & weaknesses of the Social Business; report results, analyze variances; and develop improvements

●        Ensure that Vishuddh Recycling’s financial reports are accurate and completed in a timely manner

Partnership Management (10%):

●        Forge, develop and maintain strategic partnerships that will continuously add value to the Social Business venture

●        Establish strategic alliances with community leaders, and local officials

Impact Management & Evaluation (10%):

●        Monitor, track and record the social and environmental performance of the Social business, and establish corrective measures as needed

●        Establish mechanisms for listening to the views of beneficiaries on the Social Business’s performance

●        Ensure that the company maintains high social responsibility wherever it does business


Representation and Public Relations (10%):

●        Participate in appropriate business and professional associations, networks and activities relevant to the Social Business interests

●        Seek to expand the presence and public awareness of the Vishuddh Recycling's services and efforts

Your Background and Experience

●        Masters or MBA in management, entrepreneurship, engineering, sustainable development, environment. or related field

●        5+ years’ experience in (executive or otherwise) leadership positions

●        A minimum of 3 years of experience managing a significant segment of a large manufacturer or the entire operation of a smaller manufacturer

●        Familiarity with industry standard equipment and regulatory requirements for operating plants

●        Interest and preferably experience in waste management sector in India

●        Knowledge of the challenges associated with the  launch, development and management of manufacturing units in developing countries and emerging markets

●        Significant experience working with external auditors, internal controls and compliance-related issues

●        International business experience

●        Fluency in English, Kanada (Mandatory) and Hindi (Desirable)

●        Full proficiency in Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.)

Your Skills and Abilities

●        Agility, teamwork, empathy and collaborative leadership

●        Understand business process and priorities as well as sustainability imperatives

●        Strong analytical abilities, both quantitative and qualitative

●        Ability to coordinate a cross-functional team, from different disciplines and locations, and ensure effectiveness and efficiency throughout the operations

●        Ability to communicate effectively with executive management

●        Self-starter with strong work ethics and positive energy

●        Excellent interpersonal skills

●        Excellent communication (oral and written) and public speaking skills

●        Financial acumen: deep understanding of financial strategies and finance-related performance metrics

Your Personal Qualities

●        You are aligned to the vision of creating sustainable social change with the power of business

●        You are ready to challenge the status quo of the current recycling structures in India, to scale impact

●        You are willing and able to take risks

What will be offered to you

●        The freedom, responsibility and authority necessary for entrepreneurial success

●        An opportunity to lead, drive and be the change you want to see in the Waste Management sector in India

●        An international work environment in which you would be able to develop and promote practical solutions to social or environmental challenges where progress is currently stalled by market failures

●        Advocates, supporters, and facilitators among the Board of Directors

To Apply

Please send to Ms. Arunima Singh ( and Mr. Hassan Hajam (

●        Your Resume

●        3 References

●        A meaningful cover letter explaining your motivation for the job, your enthusiasm for the role and, most importantly what makes you a good fit for the position