About Us

+ Q: How is YSB structured?

A: The operating structure of Yunus Social Business Global Initiatives (YSB GI) consists essentially of two units which work in partnership with local YSB country organisations: Yunus Social Business Funds gGmbH is a charitable limited liability company registered in Frankfurt, Germany which can receive tax-deductible donations. YSB Funds achieves its charitable goals by supporting and financing early stage social businesses in developing and emerging economies. Local YSB teams provide early-stage social businesses with a package of accelerator programs, long-term patient financing, and strategic support. Yunus Social Business Gmbh is a for-profit limited liability company registered in Frankfurt, Germany. YSB GmbH acts as advisor to large and medium-sized public and private corporations to help them use their abilities for social good and strengthen their internal social entrepreneurship capabilities. YSB GmbH pursues its activities under the brand name “Yunus Social Business Corporate Initiatives”.

In order to comply with the legalities of each country we operate in, we hold different in-country entities to manage our operations and loan disbursement.

+Q: How is Yunus Social Business connected to Prof. Muhammad Yunus’ work?

Prof Muhammad Yunus is our Co-Founder and Chairman. As Yunus Social Business - Global Initiatives, we are part of the much wider Yunus family. You can see all the operations under the Yunus name (including the Grameen Bank and Grameen social businesses) at https://www.muhammadyunus.org.

There is another sister organisation of ours based in Germany called The Grameen Creative Lab.

+Q: Which countries do you operate in?

For our Philanthropic Venture Funds we are actively financing entrepreneurs in Uganda, Kenya, Brazil, Colombia and India. Our Global offices are based in Berlin and Frankfurt. We have network teams that manage our current portfolio in Haiti, The Balkans and Tunisia.

Our Corporate Initiatives, are able to support social business ventures in almost any region in the world.