YSB-Albania participated in three regional seminars

Yunus Social Business Albania attended three one-day regional seminars (held on 13th, 16th and 17th of July 2012 in Vlora, Tirana and Elbasan) on “Social Enterprises: Reality and an opportunity for social and economic development”. These events were organized by the Forum of Social Enterprises with the aim to promote the concept of social business, discuss legal infrastructure in Albania and present the existing social businesses initiatives. These events gathered together more than 50 representatives from various regional and local actors, including entrepreneurs, NGO’s, regional and local public institutions, media, etc. Yunus Social Business Albania was represented by Ms. Ermira Repaj (Business Consultant) and Ms. Jola Foto (Communications and Events Manager). Ms. Ermira Repaj presented the Holistic Social Business Movement of Albania together with Mr. Gerion Treska (representative of the “Promoting Social Business”, a public agency). In the second session, YSB-Albania team took also part of the roundtable discussions about the social and economic impact of social businesses in Albania and legal infrastructure. Ms. Ermira Repaj, emphasized that “the legal infrastructure shouldn’t be an reason for not starting social businesses, but strongly motivated social entrepreneurs, good social business ideas developed into very good business plans are crucial for attracting investors and providing sustainable solutions for social problems”.

They were a good opportunity to foster awareness on social business within the regional and local actors, present the activities of Yunus Social Business as a catalyst of the Social Business Movement of Albania and invite different stakeholders to join the movement and work together for development of social business and provide solutions for the country’s most pressing social needs.

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