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Harnessing the Power of Networks: Part III – Creating Communities

In our previous blog posts, we have said, building a network requires processes, structure and lots of alignment. But in order for the network to truly work, it requires trust and deep-felt human connection around a common purpose. For over 10 years, YSB has built a strong network and every year we are learning more about the effects of communities and networks. This has allowed us to address social problems in bold new ways…

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Harnessing the Power of Networks for Social Impact : Part I

YSB Corporate Innovation is launching a series of blog posts about their organizational structure. Did you know they are network geeks? They believe in the power of networks so much they adapted it to their internal network. Through their work, they aim to connect more and more dots between different stakeholders and create communities to maximize their social impact.

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Delivering Health Services to the People who Need Them Most

Everyone’s familiar with the ‘last mile’ problem in distribution. It’s easy to get a large amount of goods or data very close to the consumer but the last step of getting it precisely to their front door is often the longest and most expensive stage. Applied to the healthcare system, this relates to the billion people around the world who lack access to care due to the distance they live from a clinic.

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