Signing of MoU - YSB Haiti, Hope for Haiti and Dalio Foundation

Yunus Social Business Haiti S.A. (“YSB Haiti”), Hope for Haiti (HFH) and Dalio Foundation, Inc. have signed a MOU to form a strategic partnership toward helping to establish in Haiti social business as "business as usual" in tackling poverty and social challenges such as inadequate access to quality education, nutrition, and healthcare for Haitian children and their families. YSB Haiti’s expertise in social business combined with HFH's extensive inside knowledge into local Haitian communities, schools, and healthcare centers can help to facilitate the growth of sustainable businesses at a community level. Funds that are helping to make this partnership and project possible are provided by the Dalio Foundation, Inc.

The Partnership’s objective for each suitable business is to evolve the business model into a financially sustainable and social impact generating enterprise, a Social Business.

HFH and YSB Haiti expect to leverage their respective expertise and networks to support and build effective capacity over a 5-year strategic timeline.

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