Saskia Bruysten at Hong Kong Social Entrepreneuship Summit (SES) 2012

From November 27 – 30, our co-founder & CEO Saskia Bruysten was the key note speaker at the Hong Kong Social Entreprise Summit 2012 attended by over 750 high-level participants from the worlds of business, NGO and government.

Next to the keynote speech she conducted a Social Business Lab, participated in a panel and took part in a women entrepreneur dinner with only a handful selected participants.

The topic of her keynote speech was “Social Business City – How a New Kind of Capitalism Serves Society’s Most Pressing Needs”. In her keynote speech, Saskia shared with the audience examples of existing joint venture partnerships between for-profit businesses and the Grameen family, including Grameen Danone, Grameen Veolia Water, BASF Grameen and Grameen Uniqlo, to name a few. Saskia highlighted the different ways by which the business sector in Hong Kong can engage in social business, and how Yunus Social Business can help.

Three Social Business Cities have already been established: Wiesbaden, Germany, Pistoia, Italy and Fukuoka, Japan. Becoming a Social Business City means to choose the tools offered by Social Business to address local issues and community needs. The major issues local governments have to face, such as youth employment, elderly assistance, environmental protection, can be managed with Social Business solutions. Saskia talked about the ways municipalities can contribute towards developing grassroot social entrepreneurs and the benefits Social Business can bring to a global city such as Hong Kong.

Saskia thanks the wonderful team of organizers and is much exited to see that the Social Business scene in Hong Kong is taking off so fast.

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