Friends of YSB New York

Last week Yunus Social Business was hosted by Jurgen Link and Tamar Guttman for the first Friends of Yunus Social Business event in New York.

The venue was itself a special restaurant named P.S. kitchen, a fully plant-based restaurant right next to Times Square. Besides the amazing food, that is almost indistinguishable from meat-based products, it also helps people to re-enter the job market after a difficult period. The restaurant was co-founded by one of our long-time friends and supporters who was so inspired by what she saw travelling with us, that along with her husband they started their own social business.

The event had an amazing atmosphere with a wonderful mix of different generations who showed an interest in what YSB is trying to achieve. Saskia Bruysten, our CEO&Co-Founder shared stories about how we were founded and what we do. Next to learning the metrics of social business, I'm confident people very much enjoyed the company in which they found themselves something that mustn't be overlooked.

At the end of our most enjoyable evening, we drew plans for collectively establishing this circle in New York. Together working towards an event in September, so the supporters can have a chance to meet Prof. Yunus and learn more of his inspiring vision when he is in New York for the UN week. Something to look forward to!

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Friends of Yunus Social Business in New York
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