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Godson Commodities - The entrepreneurs who quit their jobs and sold their home to change the lives of Ugandan farmers.

We spoke to the founders of Godson Export Commodities, Godfrey and Anne Maina to understand why they started the business and what they have learnt along the way. Godson Export Commodities collects, processes and exports chia, quinoa, and sesame grown by smallholder farmers in Uganda. They are transforming the lives of rural farmers socially and economically by enabling them to fairly participate in organic food value chains. The partnership between Godson Commodities and Yunus Social Business has enabled them to grow immensely with access to finance and growth support.

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Why you should join impact investing? My first 100 days at Yunus Social Business.

Already in the crucial latter half of my 20s, I was seeking opportunities where I could accelerate the growth of my personal and professional capital more than my financial capital. As an investment banking analyst at a leading bulge-bracket firm, ‘impact investing’ was not an investment area I was very familiar with. I was fortunate to get a brief, albeit tangential, exposure to this area during an NGO fundraising exercise. That exposure subsequently prompted me to do some introspection and having coupled it with external research, I soon found myself exploring career options in the field.

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