Meet the car of the future : environmental and practical

Meet the car of the future : environmental and practical

April 20, 2020

If I told you that the key to a greener city looked like a lego-style cubic car that could be assembled like IKEA furniture (well almost)… would you believe me?

Whilst Elon Musk's view of the future is made up of bullet proof steel, the french startup, XYT is building a future built on inclusion, simplicity and functionality.

They have set out to address an important challenge. It is estimated that the number of parcels will have to double by 2025 to satisfy the ever-increasing demand for online products, leading to an increase of delivery trucks. A lot of focus would be on green last-mile delivery. In a chicken and egg problem, the governments will usher electric last-mile distribution but no one will bear the cost of it, specifically for small last-mile logistics providers who do not have the credits to upgrade or replace their existing vehicles. It is easy to imagine endless traffic jams, city centers suffocating in pollution and more expensive delivery costs… The good news is that it doesn’t have to be the case.

XYT is revolutionising urban logistics by developing ultra-functional and modular electric vehicles. You can customise the vehicle to suit your usage and evolve with your needs. Even better, they are designed with an ethic of simplicity and durability which helps to keep them accessible to all.


The light weight car is delivered as a kit made of only 600 parts (at least 10x less than a standard electric car) where the customer can choose the size, colour and shapes. The modular cargo ranges from 7 to 11m3, with an exceptional load capacity of up to 700kg and can travel up to 70km/h with an autonomy of up to 140km. Perfect for frequent, short distance trips in cities.

The vehicle is affordable to maintain repair, and made to last as all the materials are carefully chosen for their durability, repairability and recyclability (steel frame resists corrosion for 50 years, 95% of parts are 100% recyclable, batteries are designed to last 400 000 km).

According to XYT’s research with a local garage, yearly maintenance costs are cut by more than half comparison to a Diesel light commercial vehicle.


The vehicle is more than a means of transport, it is a space of added value that adapts to the needs of professionals and their working environments. Similar to a smartphone, the car has a multitude of business applications from a delivery truck, a food-truck, a pick-up, a workshop or even an ambulance!


Once the order is complete, XYT work with a network of local independent garages and mechanics who are trained to assemble the vehicle in their own workshop. The car is designed to be built with a simple toolbox in under 28 hours.

All elements can be dismantled to be replaced without damaging the car - providing the possibility to upgrade and modernise the car a second, third, fourth or even fifth life - without having to buy a new one. By simply ordering upgrade kits, XYT’s mechanics can help you differentiate business applications or refresh your old vehicle.


In order to offer full flexibility to their clients, XYT is expanding their offer “as a full service” with the best infrastructure and integrated tools to optimize all operations.

Their subscription model starts around 700€ with services included. The service package includes renting/maintenance/assistance/vehicle replacement/ insurance. This flexible service enables clients to quickly size and adapt their vehicles to answer their needs while decreasing fixed costs that they would incur under a classical ownership model.


Our corporate impact accelerator supports XYT in order to improve and scale their urban logistics solutions.

Simon Mencarelli, Co-Founder of XYT brainstorming at the MAN Truck & Bus Headquarters

XYT leverages Yunus Social Business and MAN’s expertise to:

  • Expand their social impact angle by empowering self-employed drivers
  • Expand their solution to new cities across Europe
  • Integrate and enrich value-adding apps tightly connected to the customers value chain
  • Develop a social fund to scale services funding  (finance vehicle fleet and renting model)
  • Establishing a Financial Social Business Model

For any further media enquiries on XYT or for an interview with co-founder Simon, please contact Solene our Communications Manager for MAN Impact Accelerator.

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