Business As Unusual: Releasing the Playbook For Designing Social Intrapreneurship Programs

Business As Unusual: Releasing the Playbook For Designing Social Intrapreneurship Programs

June 9, 2020

What are Social Intrapreneur programs, and how do organisations build them? Is there a route to a post-COVID future where corporations are accelerating social innovation by empowering their own employees?

After studying Social Intrapreneurship programs for 14 months in cooperation with Growth Mechanics, INSEAD, HEC Paris, Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship, we’re proud to announce the launch the third part of the “Business As Unusual” research project, the Fellowship Report including a Playbook For Designing Social Intrapreneurship Programs.


Enterprise Support Landscape Study

IKEA Foundation and Yunus Social Business carried out a 6-month joint research project, getting to the bottom of this question: With ever more organisations joining social-business ecosystems, how can we all start to plug the gaps in the support landscape?

CURAFA™ integrated points of care: An integrated primary healthcare platform in Kenya

People in rural and peri-urban Kenya are lacking access to high-quality healthcare and medication. Less than 5% of Kenya’s GDP is spent on healthcare and only 17% of Kenyans have health insurance coverage. With 46% of the country’s population living below the poverty line, Kenyans are particularly vulnerable to financial catastrophe when facing health issues.

Grameen Veolia Water Ltd – fresh drinking water

Fresh water is abundant in Bangladesh, in the form of numerous groundwater resources that are shallow and easy to exploit. However, for essentially geological reasons, almost all of the groundwater is contaminated with arsenic, very often at levels that make it a health hazard.

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