What is the problem the social business is solving?

10 million Ugandans, which is about 30% of the total population, still lack access to safe drinking water. While the most common technologies for rural water supply are springs, boreholes and wells, those who cannot access either one of these still depend on unsafe sources such as rivers, lakes and unprotected wells.

How does the social business solve this problem?

Spouts of water is manufacturing affordable water purification filters for households to ensure that they have constant access to clean drinking water and eliminate the cost and time incurred in boiling drinking water. Its household water purification filters are 99.9% germ free certified.

How does the social business generate revenue?

The company is targeting households in Uganda which do not have access to safe drinking water as well as those that depend on boiling water to make it safe for drinking. It sells its products to these households at fair prices.


A charity dollar has one life

a social business dollar can be invested over and over again


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