What is the problem the social business is solving?

In sub-Saharan Africa, more than 40% of the population lives in poverty, and many farmers lack access to markets and the know-how to make agriculture more efficient which negatively impacts their incomes. The produce cultivated is often sub- standard, not meeting organic or ethically produced guidelines.

How does the social business solve this problem?

Jali organic is a premium manufacturer of dried fruits and green coffee, focusing on Bussi Island’s native fruit, pineapple. Currently working with 150 farmer groups, the company abides by the international fair price policy, supporting small holder farmers with fair loans and prices to promote food security.

How does the social business generate revenue?

The company markets its products in the international organic dried fruit market. Its main customers are export distributors, including a Japanese distributor that sells products in Russia and in Europe. They are also working with a UK based dried fruit wholesaler.




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