What is the problem the social business is solving?

Approximately 31% of Colombia’s population live in the rural areas. These communities often rely on farming as the main source of income. However, with an income of USD 70 -100 per month families of four or more can hardly survive. This encourages migration to the cities. However, opportunities for jobs and income often remain small.

How does the social business solve this problem?

Don Tarcisio encourages families to stay in the rural areas by increasing the farmers income by monthly USD 200. On top of a salary, the company pays a rent fee for the use of the family land. To raise the quality of products, Don Tarcisio hosts workshops on organic farming techniques and coordinates the supply chain to the cities and restaurants. This reduces the farmers’ demand uncertainty and makes them more competitive on the market.

How does the social business generate revenue?

Restaurants and households in the city will be charged a fee for delivering the individual orders of organic, healthy and social responsible products to their front door.



A charity dollar has one life

a social business dollar can be invested over and over again


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