From CSR to Social Business – Pathways to create Sustainable Impact

We are supporting a German healthcare company to create a sustainable business model for points of care for integrated healthcare services. These services are provided to underserved communities in rural and peri-urban Africa. The first centers are set up around Nairobi, Kenya.

Access to healthcare remains one of the biggest challenges in Africa. Based on the successes of healthcare initiatives like the Grameen Eyecare Hospital in Bangladesh, we are developing sustainable business models to scale and replicate this healthcare initiative.

The ambition is to transform what started as a CSR project into a valid business case that changes the way the healthcare company engages with its customers. Approaching it through social business allows the company to focus on creating maximum impact for the customers.


…of Kenya’s GDP is spent on healthcare.


…out of $79 healthcare expenditure per capita is spent on medicines.


…healthcare entrepreneurs already serve patients through the initiative.

How Yunus Social Business adds Value

Our Services during this Project


The Kenyan team of Yunus Social Business helps the corporate client adapt the model to local requirements and establish a closer connection with local communities. This includes access to best practices and insights from the healthcare context in Kenya.

Business Model

Based on social business best practices, YSB supports the corporate client to develop a sustainable business model that allows to scale the business and with it the initiative’s ability to create maximum impact.

Alliance Building

Yunus Social Business leverages its network to provide access to implementing and strategic partners for the venture. Our teams in Kenya and Uganda help the company to reach out to partners and structure the relationships in the long-run.