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We turn donations into long-term investments in social businesses, providing social entrepreneurs access to capital to help them grow.

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Taking on global challenges like eradicating poverty takes big ideas and radical changes in thinking. We believe in the power of social business to turn these challenges into opportunities to create lasting change.

As a financial partner your philanthropic capital will not only support long term, practical solutions to tackling poverty, health and climate change, it will help further a global shift towards reimagining business as a force for social good.

With Yunus Social Business your philanthropic capital is transformed into financing for social businesses to help them grow and increase their social impact. Once their financing is repaid, your donation can be used again, to support more social businesses, leveraging the impact your capital creates, year after year.

“A charity dollar has one life, a social business dollar can be invested over and over again.”

Why Social Business?

  • Sustainable philanthropy

    Yunus Social Business offers alternative to charity or aid that allows you to transform a philanthropic donation into an investment that can be used over and over again.

  • A bridge between business and aid

    Our model focuses specifically on solving social and environmental development challenges while creating income for, and providing essential products and services to, the poorest communities around the world.

  • A world class team

    We’re proud of our people. They bring with them many years experience from the worlds leading companies, a dedication to improving lives and a determination to reduce global poverty to zero.

Our partnership

  • Transparent reporting

    Every 6 months we provide our financial partners with a portfolio review containing detailed financial & social impact metrics of all businesses in our portfolio.

  • Unique experiences

    Each year we invite our financial partners to visit some of the social business they’ve helped finance. These unforgettable events are a chance to meet social entrepreneurs and see exactly how your donations are improving peoples lives.

  • A close-knit community

    Our financial partners are a small, international community of individuals from diverse backgrounds who share a passion for investing in social good. We hold regular round tables and dinners where partners have the chance to network, share experiences and build new relationships.

Our investment size

Yunus Social Business offers loans to social entrepreneurs too big for microfinance
or to risky for commercial funding

Our focus

Income generation


We support social businesses that provide income generation to the poorest members of communities around the world.

From improving the yields of farmers in rural Colombia to providing jobs and education to vulnerable women in Albania, creating opportunities for people to earn a better income makes a big impact.

Extra income allows families to send their children to school, improve their homes, access vital healthcare and lift themselves from poverty.

Essential products and services


Providing fair and affordable access to the products and services many take for granted is another key focus of the social businesses we finance.

From essential cleaning and sanitation products for the poorest communities in Haiti to home improvement and renovation for disadvantaged communities in Brazil.

Affordable products and services make a huge impact, improving health and wellbeing and opening up new opportunities to for the poor to improve their lives.

Our sectors

Agriculture & Livelihood

In the Agriculture & Livelihoods sector, we pay particular attention to value chain development in poor rural communities. This includes packaging and processing, storage and distribution and the tools and training required to implement modern, environmentally conscious farming practices.

Education & Training

Investments in the Education & Training sector include social businesses that provide opportunities to the most marginalized or underserved members of local communities. Providing opportunities to develop needed skills helps overcome poverty and exclusion.

Energy & Environment

Our Energy & Environment sector includes businesses dedicated to providing affordable, clean, environmentally friendly energy sources to poor communities. We also focus on businesses that reduce the impact of human activity on the environment, through recycling and reforestation.

Health & Sanitation

Our Health & Sanitation sector includes some of our earliest investments. We have financed several successful social businesses that provide low-cost healthcare in Colombia, affordable cleaning products in Haiti and clean drinking water to over half a million school children in Uganda.

Our latest social businesses

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