Corporate Social Businesses

We help corporate leaders experience the innovative power of social business –
for society, the planet and their own organizations.

Harness the Power of Social Business to Eradicate Poverty – And Transform Your Organization.

We believe that great corporate leaders see the world how it should be – and create what is missing. They are following a holistic vision for society that expands beyond the frontiers of their companies and boardrooms. Our work helps them realize their vision through social business. We support them by creating purpose-driven innovations that help people escape poverty, get access to health care or live in a pollution-free environment.

What We Offer

To Companies who Want to Inspire

We engage and excite your employees about purpose-driven innovation, we connect you the global social business community creating unusual alliances, and we develop and implement with you your own social business ideas.

Inspiring Social Business Hackathons

Get inspired by a social business lab in your own company to understand the potential of social business and how it matters to your company. We give you an overview of the world of social business and guide you through an ideation process along your core strategy to develop inspiring social business formats.

Why it matters

  • Design-thinking methodology
  • Ideation process
  • Innovation skills
  • Employee engagement

Social Business Venture Building

We have inspired 20+ global corporations incl. Danone, Veolia, McCain, BASF, Uniqlo, MAN and Tata Trusts to build corporate social businesses. Let us help you build your own venture. Our team has years of experience in venture building and consulting. Benefit from our network to build unlikely alliances.

Why it matters

  • Meaningful innovation
  • Employee engagement in venture building
  • New market knowledge
  • Next level CSR

Impact Accelerator as a Service

Our Social Business Accelerators help you connect to exciting social entrepreneurs and engage your employees in unique mentoring experiences for social change. We created an “Accelerators as a Service” blueprint based on our experience from running 20+ accelerators worldwide.

Why it matters

  • Employee engagement
  • Spill-in of innovation & entrepreneurship
  • Market know-how
  • Ecosystem of mentors

Impact Investment Funds

Invest in the future: Our impact investing funds have helped scale social innovations in 12+ countries. We have set up 7 impact investing funds across the world. Let us support you in finding your sweet spot in impact investing, building pipelines, setting up fund structures and measuring the impact you care about.

Why it matters

  • Innovation at scale
  • Diverse impact portfolio
  • Employee engagement in portfolio companies
  • Potentially global exposure

Case Study: MAN Impact Accelerator

Inspired by social business, MAN CEO Joachim Drees approached us to run an accelerator program that supports social businesses and excites MAN staff about solving social challenges through business. Within 3 months, we built a powerful coalition of program partners, incl. the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs, GSEN, Google, Facebook and Salesforce.

Over 300 mentors helped the eight selected startups from Europe, South Africa and India to validate and scale their social businesses in clean mobility, last-mile transport, agriculture or medical transport. The social businesses increased their impact by +340% during the program.

Learn more

We take our corporate social responsibilities very seriously and have thus seized the opportunity to pass on our expertise to social businesses in transport and logistics.

Joachim DreesCEO MAN Truck & Bus

It’s incredibly motivating to share one’s own knowledge and create sustainable added value at the same time.

Elena ErlerMAN Truck & Bus

Working with the startups was extremely inspiring. Their high intrinsic motivation, coupled with relevant program content and expertise from our organization, proved to be the keys to success.

Fabian HeidingerHead of Digital Innovation, MAN Truck & Bus

Transforming into a Purpose-driven Company has Benefits Beyond the Social Impact

Our joint report with the Boston Consulting Group that you can download below outlines how social business addresses some of the key challenges that companies face today..

of employees are not engaged with their work [1].

Skill-based mentoring: Let your employees use their core skills and find out what it means to use them for social or environmental good. Giving back by using your core skills has proven to be more rewarding than general volunteering.

of students do not want to work in big companies [2].

Employer Branding: Danone has seen a major increase in job applications – especially by young professionals – referring to their social business engagement. Tell your future employees what you stand for and how you live responsibility.

Purpose-driven Companies produce 6x higher returns [3].

Market Insights: Social Business “demilitarizes” the playing field by taking profits off as a driving factor. Therefore, social businesses help you to be hyper-focused on customers, on solving social problems and building unusual alliances.

Corporate lifespans decreased to less than 20 years [4]/[5].

Finding Relevance: As your company goes through change and disruption, your core purpose continues to be challenged. Social Business helps you redefine and stay true to your north star values and your purpose to stay relevant.

“People want to do well and do good. They want to understand how they’re making a difference in the world. Things change all the time, but your organization’s purpose transcends any individual product or service.”

Mark WeinbergerCEO at Ernst & Young

Research: The Power of Social Business

In a joint study with the Boston Consulting Group, “The Power of Social Business” examines 10 Corporate Social Businesses from around the world. It highlights systemic social change, the impact of the ventures on their corporate mother companies and the strategic potential of those ventures.

In a follow-up research, we updated the study with key success factors for launching a corporate social business. It gives practitioners a clear guideline for implementation.

Download the Study

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