Yunus Social Business is offering a number of exciting job opportunities.

We offer both full-time paid positions and ongoing volunteer positions for shorter periods.

Full-time paid positions

Office Manager YSB Global based in Frankfurt, Germany

Ongoing volunteer opportunities

At any point in time, YSB is employing 3-5 volunteers who contribute immenselely to the success of Yunus Social Business’s initiatives. We are looking for volunteers to support us and take responsibility in the Haiti Project, the Social Business Movement in Albania, the Social Business Movement in Africa and in investments/fundraising/impact measurement.

Should you be interested in volunteering for us, please send your CV and cover letter to We will reach out to you within one week to schedule a phone interview, should your profile fit our needs. The second step then would be another interview featuring a case study.

As the name suggests, these are unpaid positions. However, we might be able to provide housing in Frankfurt, Albania and Haiti.

Please find below a few volunteer position descriptions:

Volunteering at YSB Brochure
Volunteering at YSB Haiti
Volunteer Fundraising Consultant, Germany
Volunteer Social Business Consultant for Africa, Germany
Volunteer Social Business Consultant, Albania
Volunteer Business Consultant Uganda based in Kampala
Administration Internship in Frankfurt, Germany
Volunteer Fund Management and Finance Consultant in Frankfurt, Germany