Friends of YSB New York

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Last week Yunus Social Business was hosted by Jurgen Link and Tamar Guttman for the first Friends of Yunus Social Business event in New York.


The venue was itself a special restaurant named P.S. kitchen, a fully plant-based restaurant right next to Times Square. Besides the amazing food, that is almost indistinguishable from meat-based products, it also helps people to re-enter the job market after a difficult period. The restaurant was co-founded by one of our long-time friends and supporters who was so inspired by what she saw travelling with us, that along with her husband they started their own social business.

The event had an amazing atmosphere with a wonderful mix of different generations who showed an interest in what YSB is trying to achieve. Saskia Bruysten, our CEO&Co-Founder shared stories about how we were founded and what we do. Next to learning the metrics of social business, I’m confident people very much enjoyed the company in which they found themselves something that mustn’t be overlooked.

At the end of our most enjoyable evening, we drew plans for collectively establishing this circle in New York. Together working towards an event in September, so the supporters can have a chance to meet Prof. Yunus and learn more of his inspiring vision when he is in New York for the UN week. Something to look forward to!

Social Business Profile – Moradigna

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More than 40 million Brazilians live in housing that suffers from residual damp, mold, and poor ventilation, all factors that contribute to serious public health problems. Jardim Pantanal is a poor community, in the East Zone of São Paulo built on wetland at the edge of the city. High humidity and frequent flooding mean many residents live in housing that is permanently damp and in constant need of repair.

Founded in 2014 Moradigna provides building and renovation services to low-income households in Jardim Pantanal, helping residents improve their living environment and their health.

Matheus Cardoso, founder of Moradigna is a resident of Jardim Pantanal. “When families realize they can transform the whole house they feel empowered, knowing that they can live in a better environment. Its is not a privilege, it’s a human right. A house is the most important part of many peoples lives, to Moradigna, making people feel comfortable and healthy inside their own home is very gratifying.”


Currently, Moradigna employees +22 workers from the local area and has transformed more than 100 houses, impacting more than 500 lives. Moradigna has proven that there is a huge unmet demand of this kind of service in low-income communities in Brazil.


Help us create fair jobs in Albania

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YSB_Albania_Textile_4Our serial entrepreneur Gjergji is setting up a textile social business to create over 130 better paying jobs with exceptional working conditions for vulnerable women in Albania. Located in an area with some of the highest unemployment rates in Albania, Gjergji’s social business reinvests all profits to create much-needed fair jobs in the region. You can now support him on KIVA’s crowd-lending platform by lending any amount to his social business, starting with as little as 25 USD.

The concept of a business that operates with the one goal to create profits for its owners is out-fashioned. Building a business that will contribute to a community in need, providing employment for vulnerable women and giving them the opportunity to provide revenues for their families – that is my personal goal”- Gjergji Gjika in, 2012


The company will not only create income-opportunities for women. It is also a commitment towards a healthy working environment, state of the art machinery and training opportunities for employees. We have seen it over and over again in the past: Invest in the women and you invest in their families. Gjergji has already supported over 20 garment factories in Albania and has been a leading advocate of better working conditions in the Garment Industry in Albania. With the first clients already lined up to order, your support to Gjergii will help his social business grow and provide livelihoods for disadvantaged women.

YSB just launched its first Social Business Accelerator Program in Uganda!

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Yunus Social Business (YSB) just launched its first Social Business Accelerator Program in Uganda!

Yunus Social Business Foundation Uganda Ltd was incorporated in Uganda in 2014 as a social business support organization purposely to address pressing social and environmental problems in Uganda in a financially sustainable manner by promoting and empowering social businesses through provision of business development services, impact investment funds and related technical support. YSB Uganda is a subsidiary of Yunus Social Business Funds gGmbH in Frankfurt, Germany, which is taking the lead in replicating social businesses around the world.
Established in 2011, Yunus Social Business has been able to leverage significant experience and expertise developed in Bangladesh and replicated across 7 countries into fully integrated and customized local social business solutions. With a proven track record of managing approximately US$ 8 million across the seven investment countries, we are a pioneering and a global leader in the social business sector.

The Accelerator Program
Yunus Social Business Uganda is launching its first Social Business Accelerator Program in Sub-Saharan Africa in Uganda.
The Accelerator Program commences today with a 3-week training, to be followed by a 5-week testing and a 2-week refining that will culminate in an Investor Demo day.

Fifteen acceleratees have been selected from the following sectors:
 Health
 Education
 Renewable Energy
 Agri-business / Value addition.
During the accelerator program, clients will be able to access tailor made services like Mentoring, Individual Coaching, Social Business Development, Networking, Leadership Conversations, Opportunity for Finance, and Formation by Social Business experts across the YSB network.
Role of Yunus Social Business – Uganda
Yunus Social Business’s aim is to support sustainable economic development in the markets in which they operate with the conviction that SBEs are a crucial catalyst for social development and poverty alleviation. It is widely acknowledged that appropriately structured support and impact investment for SBEs will assist in driving long-term employment and a number of other related social benefits.
However, while the support of SBEs presents significant potential for change and empowerment, there is need to develop and prepare them for Impact Investment hence the need for a Social Business Accelerator program.
In reality, many SBEs find themselves in the “missing middle” where they do not have the collateral required for secured lending and are too small for private equity but too large for micro-finance. Addressing this need is Yunus Social Business’s pioneering and award winning Social Business Model for growth finance. Under-pinning Yunus Social Business’s financial support is the business support sourced from an experienced in-house team, as well as working in partnership with skilled local and international experts. This comprehensive support shall be provided from application, acceleration, investment, through to the exit of a client.

Call for Accelerator Applications! Apply now for Haiti’s accelerator program

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Yunus Social Business is now accepting applications for participation in our local accelerator programs! Our accelerator programs are a 3 month intensive program designed to give social entrepreneurs access to the trainings, networks, and financial capital they need to develop successful business solutions to some of our countries’ most pressing social and environmental challenges.

Please visit the following website to apply through the ‘Yunus Social Business Platform’ to learn about upcoming dates and deadlines! Upcoming deadline: YSB Haiti (apply by May 24, 2015).

Singularity University and YSB Partner To Impact Global Development In Some Of The Most Vulnerable Areas Of The World

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singularity university logo                          YunusSocialBusiness_LogoSet_RGB-GI_blue (2)

DAVOS, SWITZERLAND (January 21,2015) – Singularity University (SU) and Yunus Social Business – Global Initiatives (YSB) have announced a new partnership within the Singularity University Impact Partnership program. The Impact Partnership was announced at the World Economic Forum by Dr. Peter H. Diamandis, co-founder of Singularity University, and Dr. Muhammad Yunus, co-founder of Yunus Social Business, to concentrate on the use of accelerating technologies and social entrepreneurship for global development in some of the most vulnerable areas of the world where YSB is active.

“Singularity University’s mission is to educate and empower the brightest people on the planet with the tools of exponential technology and entrepreneurship to solve humanity’s greatest challenges,“ said Dr. Diamandis. “Our new partnership with Yunus Social Business will bring to SU a valuable new network of experienced professionals in the field who have intricate knowledge of local community needs and access to capital. This is essential to our SU Lab accelerator community and global network of entrepreneurial alum to understand these challenges first-hand from the user standpoint and interact with the local populations. The field network will also provide opportunities for beta testing innovations.” 

Yunus Social Business applies business approaches to the world of social development by using an ‘incubate and finance’ methodology that bridges the gap between social businesses and philanthropic lenders and donors, through local acceleration programs and/or financing vehicles currently in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Haiti, Albania, Uganda, Tunisia and India.

Dr. Yunus distinguished the partnership “as a means by which the Yunus Social Business worldwide network can gain exposure to the latest thinking on accelerating technologies, Silicon Valley-style entrepreneurial thinking, networks and capital. We will work with SU to focus particularly in the areas of security, public health, food, energy, water, education and environment.”

The partnership is intended to facilitate a greater sharing of resources between both organizations. This will include, but not be limited to speaker exchanges in Silicon Valley and around the world; Field Innovation Exchanges to share ideas and test related innovations in the field; Innovation Challenges, in line with SU’s Global Impact Competitions; and the ability for the YSB network to attend SU’s 10-week summer Graduate Studies Program, as fellows and advisors. Dr. Yunus will deliver the keynote address at the 2015 Opening Ceremonies for the Singularity University Graduate Studies Program on June 15 in Mountain View, California.

About SU Impact Partners

Singularity University forms Impact Partnerships with global and regional organizations that are actively working to solve humanity’s grand challenges. Field Innovation Exchanges (FIX) are a central component of each partnership and provide a critical link between cutting-edge technological innovation and the field realities of humanity’s grand challenges. FIX is an opportunity for long-serving field staff of international organizations to step out of that environment, come to SU to learn about exponential technology and entrepreneurship, and take those lessons back to the field projects of partner organizations. Through the SU Impact Partnerships, SU is building a global ecosystem of innovators and organizations working to solving humanity’s grand challenges.


For additional information, please contact:

Diane Murphy, Singularity University, 

For more information on Singularity University programs:

For information on Yunus Social Business:

To access this press release as a .pdf, please see Singularity U and YSB Partnership.