A leader in the social business movement, Saskia co-founded YSB together with Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus and Sophie Eisenmann. Saskia has been featured on the Wired Smart List 2013, contributed widely to the Huffington Post, and Forbes, and co-authored a report with the Boston Consulting Group on the experiences of building large scale social business joint ventures in Bangladesh.

Saskia was appointed to the EU Commission’s expert group on social business and has assisted Prof. Yunus on Ban Ki-Moon’s UN MDG Advocacy Group as well as Sir Richard Branson’s B-team. Saskia is the youngest Generation CEO member and a Young Leader of the Atlantik Brücke. She has lectured at several universities and speaks regularly at high profile events.

Prior to YSB, Saskia was the Co-CEO of the Grameen Creative Lab and a management consultant at the Boston Consulting Group. She holds an MBA from the European Business School in Germany and an MSc in International Relations from the London School of Economics and Political Sciences.