I am proposing to create
a new kind of business.

Business based on the selflessness that is in all of us.
I am calling this, social business.
-Prof. Muhammad Yunus, Co-founder Yunus Social Business

About Us

Yunus Social Business believes in the power of business to end poverty. We were founded in 2011 by Peace Nobel Laureate Prof. Yunus and Saskia Bruysten to expand the success of social business from Bangladesh around the world.

Our Philanthropic Venture Funds grow local social businesses that provide employment, education, healthcare, clean water and clean energy to over 5 million people in East Africa, Latin America & India. We turn donations into investments in social businesses, which we reinvest over and over again, multiplying the impact each time. Our long-term, patient loans and hands-on growth support are delivered by our team of local professionals, allowing our social businesses to flourish. These activities operate in Germany under Yunus Social Business Funds gGmbh, a charitable entity that receives tax-deductible donations.

Our Corporate Initiatives have guided multinationals (incl. Danone, Veolio, McCain, MAN, Tata) to apply their core competencies to some of the greatest human challenges. These activities operate under the for-profit entity Yunus Social Business Gmbh which is set up as a social business, separate from the charitable entity.

Our Vision: Ending Global Poverty

What is Social Business?

A Business With A Social Mission At Its Core. 100% Dedicated To Solving Human Problems.

A Social Business is a company that either creates income for the poor or provides them with essential products and services like healthcare, clean water or clean energy. They operate exactly like normal companies except for a few small differences:

Unlike a charity, a Social Business generates profit and aims to be financially self-sustaining. Removing the need for fundraising allows social businesses to reinvest profits back into generating impact.

Our History

Yunus Social Business has its roots in Bangladesh. In 1983 Prof. Yunus founded Grameen bank, beginning a micro-finance revolution for which he won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Grameen grew from a bank into several enterprises, each dedicated to serving poor rural communities in Bangladesh and each created with the specific intention of reinvesting any and all profits back into benefitting the poor. These were the first Social Businesses.

In 2009 while at the World Economic Forum, Prof. Yunus sketched out the 7 principles which were to become the model for Social Businesses used today. Since 2008 Saskia Bruysten and Sophie Eisenmann were directors at the Grameen Creative Lab, an organization setup to promote the idea of social business. In 2011 they decided to create Yunus Social Business to focus on growing and financing social businesses worldwide.

We finance game-changing social businesses like

Golden Bees


Meet Brian. 

He started Golden Bees to sell honey and beeswax to both local and export markets.


He has increased the incomes of rural beekeepers in Uganda by over 400% since 2014.



By financing Brian, we can offer beekeepers a dignified hand out of poverty.






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